In the early 1960s with the development of the automotive sector, the first historic abrasive pastes and polish for cars and furniture were formulated in the LINAS laboratories in Turin, later joined by degreasing detergents, car shampoos and protective waxes which were officially produced and distributed since 1976 by SILPAR company also based in Turin. With the expansion of pleasure boating in the early 1980s, requests for specific products suitable for the marine environment arrived, thus the TK Line brand was born for the maintenance and care of boats, dinghies and engines. TK COLORSPRAY, spray paint, becomes the reference product, in Europe, for the touch-up and painting of onboard and outboard marine engines, within an increasingly complete line of detergents and protectants, lubricants, resins, sealants and polishes, always of professional quality. Recently, with greater attention to environmental issues, absorbent devices for safety and the containment of pollutants have been introduced, distinguished by the TK GREEN brand. SILPAR TK moved to a new headquarters at the beginning of the 90s in the municipality of Collegno, where it is still currently located.